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'Kami' the word for hair in Japanese, is a homphone for the word 'God'.

Hair was in fact believed to provide a direct a direct connection to the gods.

Womans hair has always been a contentious issue. From Orthodox Jews, Muslims and nuns covering it for modesty, to a badge of femininity and beauty in fairytales such a Rapunzel, hair has always exerted a powerful metaphorical pull.

Hair is a physical manifestation of our thoughts and the extension of ourselves. 

In the Kamigami collection Cyberesque used real human hair for some of the pieces to play with different morals, aesthetics and possibilities of it.

Kamigami - collection 2015 

Photos by Alte Eule Photography - With Aneta Von Cyborg, Lara Aimée, Noraly Cyberesque


Kamigami collection 2015

Photos by Sven Marquardt - With Daxx and Noraly van Deursen / H&M: Hagen Krüger, Marie-Jo Wieske


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